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RV vs Car Insurance

Why is RV insurance so different from car insurance? They’re both private passenger vehicles. They’re both for use on ordinary roads instead of "off-roading." Why can’t an RV be insured like a car? Steiner Insurance Group of Nashville, NC explains.

Why RVs Are In A Class Of Their Own

RVs are classed in the "motor homes and travel trailers" class of vehicles. As such, they comprise both auto and home. When the vehicle is being driven somewhere, auto insurance covers any mishaps. When it’s parked and used as a home, home insurance covers fire, theft, plumbing, or electrical problems.

What About When An RV Is Parked?

Most people would consider a "parked" RV a vehicle on their Nashville, NC property. Others think it pertains to parking in camper or RV parks. Anyone else would consider an RV parked in a summer-long RV park "parked." All those things are so, and they each have special insurance, believe it or not.

Home RV Parking

Whether your RV is in a garage for the out-of-season or parked outside your home, your RV is covered in case anyone should damage it. This liability insurance even covers your RV when it’s parked on vacation.

Some carriers will insure an RV being used as a permanent home as they would a mobile home because it doesn’t move. "Parked" models are usually found in specialty RV home parks and used for vacations and permanent living.

Vacation Liability Insurance

This protects your RV if someone gets hurt or your RV is damaged while you’re on vacation.

Off-Season Only Insurance

Did you know Steiner Insurance Group in Nashville, NC would insure your RV only in the off-season? It takes care of theft, vandalism, and any injury.

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