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Commercial insurance that most businesses can benefit from

Commercial insurance may be something you think your business can do without. But some types of commercial insurance are required by law in North Carolina. Other types of commercial insurance may not be mandated but can help save your business from a variety of perils. At Steiner Insurance Group in Nashville, NC, we are here to help business owners to assess their risks and to choose the right commercial insurance for their business.  

Commercial insurance that most businesses can benefit from

Commercial liability insurance

Your business needs to have commercial liability to save it from a lawsuit against it. Lawsuits are common and you can get sued by a variety of people. You may have a dissatisfied customer, or someone could have a slip and fall at your business location. If they have injuries, you could have to pay for pain and suffering. It can even be a disgruntled employee who decides to sue you. But the end result will be the same; you will have legal expenses and, if you lose, a settlement. Without commercial liability insurance, it could kill your business.

Commercial property insurance

If you own a building, the benefit of property insurance is obvious, but what about if you are a renter or have a home-based business?  Commercial property insurance covers much more than just the physical building, it covers the things you need to do business. Depending on the type of business you have, it could be machinery, tools, display units, raw materials, office equipment, electronics, or inventory. If you don’t have these, you can’t do business. 

Worker compensation insurance

In North Carolina, if your business has three or more employees, you must protect them with workers’ compensation insurance. It is good for businesses and employees. 

Contact Steiner Insurance Group in Nashville, NC to get your questions about commercial insurance answered. As an independent insurance agency, we will offer you our full attention. 

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