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How Does Classic Car Insurance Work?

If you own a classic car, it has its own concerns that later-model cars don’t have. Owners of classic cars need to have specialized insurance for classic cars in order to have good protection against risks that these cars come with. When you live in North Carolina and you need classic car insurance, give us a call today at Steiner Insurance Group in Nashville, NC to find out more. 

Classic Car Coverage

The basic model of classic car insurance is the same as that of regular vehicles. Onto this is added the types of coverage only needed by classic cars. When your car is a classic, it’s always best to get classic car insurance instead of regular auto insurance. A classic car policy will have the same basic coverages as regular auto insurance, including bodily injury liability for the injured caused to other people, and property damage liability for damage your car does to someone else’s property. It is also a good idea to get coverage for uninsured motorists as well as collision insurance to pay for your own vehicle’s damage after an accident that you cause. 

Classic Car Additions

Classic car insurance also includes some aspects that are unique to this type of insurance. One of these is agreed value coverage. This is protection that covers your classic car for a specific value of the car instead of simply figuring out a value based on its model and year. Classic car insurance also has a flexible usage allowance. This allows you to insure the car based on how often you use it. Some classic car owners have a vehicle that they don’t often drive, while others drive theirs every day. Your insurance will reflect the frequency of usage. Classic car insurance also includes roadside assistance 24/7 in emergencies. 

Get Your Classic Car Covered

For classic car insurance, call us at Steiner Insurance Group in Nashville, NC.

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