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How to Know Whether to Choose Classic Car Insurance or Traditional Car Insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about classic car insurance and how to best protect your investment, we encourage you to contact Steiner Insurance Group today. Our agents work closely with you to find out which policies best meet your needs. We proudly serve Nashville, NC, and the surrounding area. Let us help you determine if classic car insurance is the right choice for your vehicle. 

Classic Car Insurance Protection

When choosing between classic car insurance and conventional auto insurance, one has to determine the automobile’s market demand, rarity, and value. This type of insurance typically covers cars that are deemed vintage, collector, or antique and are at least 25 years old or older and have increased in value over the years. They usually have special policy terms that can consider the owner’s needs other than just typical coverage. These terms include agreed value coverage, parts insurance coverage, and low mileage packages. 
However, daily driver types of cars that are used for frequent purposes would do best with traditional auto insurance. This type will suit perfectly any average driver of a vehicle who does daily shopping or goes to the market very often. Still, it is inappropriate for those who use their car for exhibitions or parades and cover less than 3,000 miles a year. Unlike classic car insurance, which covers vehicles driven for everyday use such as commuting and errands, collector car insurance caters to the needs of collectible vehicle owners. It provides for standard liability, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. To identify the right one, consider whether your vehicle is valuable and over 25 years old. Also, the market value of the car should be considered. Classic car insurance policies might be ideal if you only have a rare, beautiful car driven occasionally. 

Classic Car Insurance Near Nashville, NC

Classic car insurance is a must for valuable, well-maintained vehicles. If you want to learn more about how classic car insurance can provide you with the protection you need for your cherished classic vehicle, we are waiting to assist you. Steiner Insurance Group, serving Nashville, NC, is here to provide top-notch service. Call or stop by today to speak with one of our agents. 

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