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RV Insurance in Oklahoma

When it comes to RV insurance, it might be hard to figure out what kind of coverage you need. Do you treat it more like an automobile that you take on Oklahoma camping trips? Do you treat it more like a house since you live in it sometimes as well? Here at Steiner Insurance Group in Norman, OK, we can help you answer any and all of your questions regarding RV insurance.

Is RV Insurance like Car Insurance?

Yes, and no. Your RV insurance will have coverage options that are similar to that of your car insurance, but there are other options that RV insurance can provide such as full-time RV coverage, which would treat your RV as your primary residence. Besides that, your RV can have liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage with riders like roadside assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Who needs RV Insurance?

While this might seem like a silly question, there have been times when car insurance will work while driving an RV. However, it is best to get a separate policy to ensure the coverage of the replacement of your RV and all of its belongings. RV insurance is also a necessity because it can protect you in the event that someone is injured in your RV. This is a bit like homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Does RV Insurance work outside of Oklahoma?

Even if you travel outside of the state, your RV Insurance will be eligible. However, if you travel to Mexico or Canada, it is best to see if your policy will cover you in that area. Check with your trusted insurance professional at Steiner Insurance Group for information.

Come and see us at Steiner Insurance Group in Norman, OK for all of your RV insurance needs. Our agents will be happy to help you get started with a quote.

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