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Life insurance FAQs

Life insurance is a very personal type of insurance. It is something you do for yourself but for those you love. At Steiner Insurance Group in Nashville, NC, we are here to ensure that you get the right amount of coverage and life insurance. 

When should I review my life insurance?

Your life will change over the years, and when there are significant changes, you need to look at the life insurance coverage you have to ensure it is adequate for this time in your life. Things like marriage, children, and employment change your insurance needs. 

Do I need life insurance beyond what I get at work?

Having your own life insurance over which you have total control is always a good idea. Employment can change, and that affects your coverage. 

Who can I have as a beneficiary?

The choice of beneficiary is up to you. You can choose one or more people, keeping in mind that children may not be able to benefit until they come of age. 

Do I need to get a physical to buy life insurance?

No, but the truth is that you will have fewer choices, and the premiums will be higher if you choose to get a life insurance policy without getting a physical. 

When is the best time to buy life insurance?

Life insurance is at its most affordable and accessible to purchase when you are young and healthy. Of course, that is usually when you feel you have the least need for it. Still, this is an excellent time to dip your toes into the water and at least get a small whole insurance policy. 

In Nashville, NC, our team at Steiner Insurance Group can help with any life insurance questions you may have. As independent insurance agents, we can offer you various life insurance options. 

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