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Is Your Car a Classic?

You have a budding car collection but aren’t sure if your vehicles qualify for classic car insurance. That’s an understandable situation that our team at Steiner Insurance Group can help you understand. We can help Nashville, NC residents know whether their cars are genuinely classic or not.

Traits of a Classic Car

A classic car is any vehicle at least 25 years old, adequately maintained, and in great running condition. It may also refer to vehicles with a specific design, such as sports or muscle cars, that produce a unique and appealing look. Often, classic cars are no longer produced. 

That rarity makes classic cars more valuable, and their insurance focuses on their unique status. It includes things like damage protection, delivery costs (if you take your vehicle to car shows), and even replacement protection that covers the vehicle’s actual cost to keep your investment safe.

Elements of an Antique Vehicle 

You might hear the terms “classic” and “antique” used pretty interchangeably. However, they’re not quite the same thing in the car world. As we mentioned previously, a classic car is at least 25 years old and might be in excellent condition or even run regularly by its owners.

By contrast, antique vehicles are older than 45 years old and probably rarely, if ever, get run. That means they require a slightly different kind of insurance suited to their specific needs. Make sure you talk with your insurance provider to learn which option is right for you.

We Can Help You

At Steiner Insurance Group, our team of professionals can help Nashville, NC, car collectors find policies that work for them. Classic car insurance is an important step that can keep your vehicle protected and minimize potential damage, ensuring it stays safe for years.

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